Can someone donate ropsten eth?

I want to play the [openzeppelin ethernaut game]( but I am having trouble getting ropsten testnet eth.

I have tried using the metamask faucet that is provided on the tutorial, but on the first attempt it told me “too many requests” error code: 500.

I also tried [this faucet](, but it showed me I’m greylisted for 0 hours and 0 minutes on my first try to get ropsten eth so I thought it was a bug and I tried again but I got greylisted for 24 hours for “spamming requests”

I managed to get 0.01 eth from some website but that is insufficent to even complete the tutorial

1 eth will do

my address: 0x83294df2d0f6712c12350918fF49Fe961E52a0Da


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