Bye bye Coinbase

On 5/6, I purchased $190 worth of bitcoin. I tried to send the btc to someone but there weren’t any transactions on blockchain.. but they had taken the balance out of my Coinbase account. It was just showing as pending. This had happened before but cleared and shown on blockchain within 48 hours.

Two weeks later, I put in a support ticket regarding this problem. I waited another two weeks and of course I didn’t hear back so it gave me no options but to put in a dispute with my bank. My bank told me that Coinbase has until 7/8 to respond to the dispute. I told them good luck with that one.

On 6/10 (a month later) the transaction was finally shown up on blockchain and confirmed for only $102. I’ve lost damn near half of what it was worth when I bought and sent it. Then on the same day, Coinbase support really had the nerves to finally respond and say “According to our records, the funds you asked about were successfully sent out of your account”

Needless to say, my bank closed the case in my favor because they couldn’t get a response from Coinbase. They credited me my money back and my Coinbase is now limited until I pay the balance back.. the funny thing is that they won’t even let me add a payment option. CYA COINBASE

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  1. Sounds like there was a delay in receiving your payment and during the delay, the price of Bitcoin dropped. Not sure whose fault it is but curious if you can see when the transaction was initiated. Good thing the bank cancelled the charge. You essentially got free Bitcoin. Only downside is that you can’t use coinbase pro (not that they have products that other exchanges cannot offer).

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