Burnx2.0 a new coin with hot mechanics ready for 1000×

Take a look at BurnX 2.0, a new cryptocurrency which is community driven and supported and lead by a trusted group of people who have already safely led the community in transition from BurnX version 1.
BurnX2.0 has mechanics which are there to encourage holding. a 10% fee is charged on each transaction. This is split into 4% redistribution to holders – so you earn more coins by doing nothing at all!. 4% added to liquidity and then burned to create a stable price floor. 2% is split between marketing and charity donations.
Charity donations are chosen by the community and the first donation of $4000 has already been made to #nokidhungry.

This is just the start. So if you are tired of rugpulls then join the community, make money and help make a change In the world for the better.

Go to

and join the community on telegram at

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  1. Few years of crypto have been a rush ups downs and in between, always looking for the starter coin to back. I believe I have found it, get on this project now or join next when we are lit and miss the life changing coin you are looking for 🔥🔥🔥BurnX2.0 🔥🔥🔥

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