BulleX (BLX) 🐮 2000 BNB presale SOLD OUT in less than 10 seconds❗Pancake Swap Launch 12th July 6PM EST 🚀

* **Revolutionary Way in Earning Passive Income**
* **2000 BNB SOLD on PRESALE within seconds 💵**
* **BulleX is officially launching July 12, 6PM EST [10 PM UTC]** 📢
* **Hyper-Deflationary Buy-back Token That Automatically Rewards Holders With BNB 💰**
* **Hold Bullex in Your Wallet and Watch as BNB Gets Distributed Amongst All Holders 🤑**
* **Bullex Contract Buys Back Any Sells. You Will Never See 2 Sells At Once! 📈**

# 🌒 About

Whats the difference between Bullex and any other fork? Not your ordinary fork, BNB Reflection + BuyBack Contract. Team has added sophisticated functions that assist the proper execution of the contract. Presenting solution to over-exploited BuyBack functionality. The rewards contract will always have funds regardless of volume (Non-Reliant on volume). This was achieved by adding new dApps supporting the reward contract. Along with other resources, rewards contract will be funded with the BNB raised in the presale. Bullex^(TM) is also developing **Bullex Pad**, a platform where smart contracts can be launched, deployed and hold pre-sales. This comes with a full internal KYC system to attempt to resolve the current issues within the BSC Community, ensuring that any and all tokens launched on the Bullex Pad will be fully Rug-Proof and legitimate ventures. How does this benefit Bullex holders? Every token launched on the Bullex Pad will be charged a fee. The fee is a percentage of the supply of the token which is then airdropped to Bullex holders. According to how many Bullex tokens one holds, he/she will be entitled to a certain amount of airdropped tokens. This will all be for the Rewards Contract – BulleX is revolutionizing the way we earn passive income.

# 🌓 Launch Time

* BulleX is officially launching July 12, 6PM EST [10 PM UTC].
* Countdown TIMER on website LIVE.
* Contract Address and Tokens released a day before launch.
* Audit hopefully released before launch: depends on Techrate + Hashex.

# 🌔 Tokenomics

* Partnerships 5%
* Private Presale 9%
* Public Presale 30.3%
* Liquidity 46.7%


* Private Presale: 322,580 BLX per BNB
* Public Presale: 303,000 BLX per BNB
* PancakeSwap Price: 286,666 BLX per BNB

**TAXES (16%)**

* 10% BNB rewards
* 4% Buy-Back
* 2% Liquidity

# 🌕 Features

1. **BNB Rewards Redistributed** **-** 10% of each transaction is distributed amongst all Bullex holders in BNB. If you hold a minimum of 10,000 Bullex, you are rewarded with BNB.
2. **Auto Distribution – 30 minutes** **-** Bullex holders get BNB automatically rewarded to their address every 30 minutes. No need to claim, no need to request. It just appears in your wallet.
3. **Buy-Back** **-** Every sell transaction is bought up by the contract to the extent of up to 10 BNB at once. Depending on the volume, Bullex tokens are bought back every time anyone sells Bullex.
4. **Liquidity Pool Lock -** The Liquidity Pool pair is created after the public pre-sale and locked. 80% of the pre-sale is assigned to the LP Pair. 2% of each transaction is also sent to the LP. This stabilizes the price of Bullex.
5. **Anti-Bot & Anti-Dump -** The contract stops bots from manipulating the buy-back feature by restricting and blacklisting the wallet after 2 consecutive sells within the same block or within a set time.
6. **Community Driven -** A marketing wallet is setup to ensure Bullex is constantly being promoted on all Social Media Platforms. The community is given the power to vote for any and all transactions from this wallet.
7. **Rewards Pool** – BNB Rewards redistribution relies heavily on volume, trading and transactions. This means that if volume was to ever be depleted and run down, the rewards/redistribution will begin to dry up. Bullex is ensuring that the rewards continue to flow through a ‘Rewards Pool’. An added tax that gets stored away in a Contract and is able to fund the Rewards Contract (Redistribution) when volume is generally low.This ensures that BNB Rewards always remain constant and projections are as accurate as possible.This contract will also be used in correlation with the Ad Revenue Share prospect.

# 🌖 How To Buy?

1. Download the [Metamask]( app and setup your wallet.
2. Purchase BNB on BSC (Binance Smart Chain).
3. Open Browser (settings bar on the left) and navigate to [PancakeSwap](
4. Click select a currency and enter the contract address.
5. Before swapping, click on the wheel icon and **set slippage to 16%.**
6. Enter the amount of Bullex you would like to buy and hit **swap.**
7. Confirm the transaction in your wallet. Hold Bullex for BNB rewards.


# 🌗 For more information please view contact details below ⬇️

[Website]( | [Telegram]( | [Twitter]( | [Instagram](


# 🌘 BulleX

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