Building the crypto analytics website. Need suggestions from you guys

Hey everyone, I have bern developing a crypto analytics website from like last 4-5 days. The main reason for me doing that is in website ls like coinkarketcap you only get the raw data and nothing else. You can’t make out a clear decision of anything from that.
What I aimed is a website with having most of the tools you need before you invest in any coin, be it a good coin or a shit coin, everything will be listed.
Feature currently I’m including are:
1. A clear explanation of the project
2. All social links of the coin/token
3. Current progress of the project and news related to it
4. Trading view integration
5. Current market prices
6. 24 hour/30 days/60 days all trading data
7. Current trading volume and order books data
8. Prices of all mazor exchanges
9. White paper of the coin/token
10. A buy sell call for long term and short term based on analytics (no financial advice)
11. Whale reports of the coin
And few other small features.
But I think its not enough, I guess it needs something more. So I need help from you guys.
It’ll be great if you can suggest some ideas that can be implemented in the website. If you ever felt that ‘this specific features was much needed but wasn’t there in major crypto websites’ then just comment it down below and I’ll take a look at its possibilities if whether I can make it or not.
Also sorry for the poor English. I’m not a native speaker.
Thank you

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