$BPoppa is the next generation staking platform with 40k MC and 500 holders


BPOPPA is the only approved by Biggie! The biggest stealth launches Doge of all time, having a community base of more than 5,000 members before a single penny of marketing dollars have been spent.

AND whats more is that, THIS IS NOT A MEME! We are creating a next Generation Staking platform where you can stake WHATEVER tokens you want!
Tokens who want to be featured on the BIGPOPPADOGE site will need to pay to become partners and be promoted. And guess what? These proceeds will also be used for marketing and BUYBACK purpose!

In review of projects that request to be partnered with BPOPPA, the team will research the project’s team and past experience.
Any projects found to be associated with projects that failed early will automatically be rejected, due to a poor track record. To uphold a high standard of coins that partner with BPOPPA, all requested projects will be asked to submit a record of previous experiences for each member on the project team.

In addition to this, other factors will be taken into consideration that will decide whether or not a project will be accepted on our DEFI-farm.

The Token that moons bigger
The Doge is one of the most profitable brands in the entire consumer market, and here at Big Poppa’s Gems we have one of the biggest most vibrant communities in the space as well. That’s what makes us happy to announce the new hottest gem on the market, Big Poppa Doge! The biggest stealth launches Doge of all time, having a community base of more than 5,000 members before a single penny of marketing dollars have been spent. Gather your funds apes, because we intend to take this ride to the moon.


🌐 Website:


🔒 100% LP locked forever.

🔥 50% Token burnt

💧 6% Automatic liquidity / Buyback mechanism

🛑 No private sale or whitelist

🐋 Anti-Whale mechanism to limit buys

🥡Anti-Dump mechanism, max 0.5% can be sold at 1 time

💩 Poocoin Banner, Tiktok, Reddit, Twitter Marketing


︻デ═一 CoinSniper, Coinhunt, Coinvote listing

CoinGecko🦎: Applied


July 2021:

• Stealth Launch 9th of July 2021
• Live Website and Social Platforms
• Outreach to the wider audience with marketing plans across all platforms
• Audit completed
• Team AMA with community members + Voice chat updates
• NFT rewards to early holders and loyal holders

August 2021:

• Moving forward with the project making major updates to all platforms , creating an app downloadable on the App Store voted by the community in which they want it to be
• Weekly podcast with the team and community questions answered
• Big marketing plans to outreach the wider and global audience from around the world gaining attention from all parts of the world
• Holders of our token will be able to purchase merchandise through our online store

September 2021:

• Major exchange listings listed
• Sponsored events and official sponsor of brands and events
• New roadmap and vision moving forward

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