$BNBSHIBA will reward you in BNB while we assure you a moon trip | Join Now | Very early | Not launched yet 🔥 Fair launch when Telegram group reach 1000 members 🚀

Missed out on all the Doge reward tokens getting those sweet 1000X. Don’t worry, $BNBSHIBA will be the newest viral sensation among the Shiba family.

$BNBSHIBA is a token on the Binance Smart Chain that rewards holders with extra tokens and that will automatically add extra liquidity to the trading pool, but on top of all that loyal holders will be able to claim loyalty rewards in BNB at any given time!

At this moment we are in a very early stage, and we are warming up our big marketing campaigns. Don’t miss out. Join our Telegram and be one of the first members!

Fair launch when Telegram group reach 1000 members!


Telegram: [](

Website: [](

Twitter: [](


$BNBSHIBA starts with an initial 1 Quadrillion tokens. That’s a 1 with 15 zero’s! Yes it’s a lot! We’ve allocated 5% of these tokens for marketing purposes, but we will cover some initial costs ourselves as we don’t want to utilize these tokens too early on. There was also a very limited private sale for partners that donated to our initial marketing budget and supported the project in multiple ways. This will account for about 15% of the tokens. The remaining 80% will provided to Pancakeswap to be traded on fair market value.


Just by holding the token you are able to claim rewards in BNB on top of the price of the token


The ownership of the token will be renounced at launch and liquidity will be locked in a contract for a year! Let’s keep these $BNBSHIBA SAFU!


The contract has a limitation for whales to dump tokens on the market. A single wallet may hold up to 1,5% of the total supply. Wallets are allowed to sell 0,1% of the total supply at once.

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