Bmax vs Gmax

The BMax token is the utility token for the BinanceMax project while the GMax is the
governance token, guiding the ecosystem, it gives users the right to vote, make
certain decisions in the BinanceMax ecosystem.
The BMax token is a self-automated liquidity generated token, an auto-burning token
with a smart reflective staking mechanism. While the GMax is the foundation of
economics, governance, and safety for the protocol and can be obtained through
lockdrop, farming, and other BinanceMax products.
Both the BMax and GMax token has a very low and fixed supply. The supply can only
decrease, but cannot increase, the deflationary nature of both tokens helps to
increase demand, BMax deflates per transaction while GMax supply is burnt down
periodically by the team through buyback mechanism.
BMax has a total supply of 1 trillion token with a total tax of 5%, 3% are used for the
auto-liquidity generation, reflective staking reward, and auto-coin burn, while 2% goes
into the lottery wallet for funding the daily lottery reward pool, while the
GMax token
has a total supply of 10 billion tokens, with no tax function. You can earn more GMax
by locking assets on the GOMax lockdrop platform or through various GMax products
and services.
BinanceMax Tokens (BMax vs GMax)


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