Bloom Energy and The Energy Revolution

Bloom Energy $BE is on the brink of profitability and is going on a billion in revenues this year. This is larger than its 6 next competitors including $PLUG, $BLDP, and $FCEL. Bloom is also growing at a high 25-30% CAGR.
The current quarter results come on August 4th and the August 20th calls cover this period if you are looking at a stock and option strategy.
BE trades at a 3x to 20x discount even though it’s by far the largest competitor in the fuel cell industry with the most efficient electrolyzers and a proven solution to the problems of today’s energy grid. Blooms large client portfolio include Amazon, Apple, Google, Walmart, Southern Company, SK Energy, and many more.
News yesterday included a deal with Heliogen to pair Bloom’s electrolyzer technology with solar energy.
Heliogen is going public soon through a Bill Gates backed SPAC.
You really have to listen to a Bloom Energy conference call to get the most out of all their growth drivers.

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  1. 60 minutes did a nice piece on bloom 11 (!) years ago. I thought it was ground breaking technology then. Just goes to show you that good companies can have their stock go nowhere for a very long time.

  2. Something to look into is their proprietary Server that uses biogas (?) in a non-combustive reaction to make electricity.

    If that is a ‘green’ process, and you can use methane from cow shit/swampgas, that’s a bigger money printer than just about anything else you could invest in.

    Well looks like I’m diving in deep for the next couple hours lol.

Is it safe to use one strand to plug into GPU and riser?

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