Bitget is Looking For Experienced Traders, Offering up to 10% of Copiers’ Trading Income

As the first exchange to launch the copy trade feature, the derivatives trading platform Bitget will initiate a trader recruitment plan in July 2021 to invite experienced traders across the world to sign up for its one-click copy trade, according to its recent official announcement. The initiative is part of its effort to build a robust copy trading ecosystem and allow users and traders to share benefits from the platform’s growth.

For this recruitment, Bitget is offering the best possible benefits to attract outstanding traders. According to the announcement, qualified traders who successfully open accounts on Bitget’s platform can get up to 10% of their copiers’ trading income, a welcome bonus of 200 USDT for contract trading, and a 50% trading fee rebate. New copiers under their accounts can also obtain 5U+99BFT as a sign-up bonus.

The platform also launches a referral program for traders, allowing them to earn a generous reward for referring a new friend to sign up for Bitget successfully.

More importantly,  the exchange will offer a fair stage for all traders to compete. At Bitget, users could pick traders according to 8 indicators from the recent three weeks besides a comprehensive ranking, providing more exposure for traders both old and new. Each week, the platform will also announce the best trader on its website, APP, community, and SNS, based on their performance.

The popularity of Bitget copy trade could be largely attributed to its various operation activities, such as AMAs, the sharing of trader experience, and trading strategies. These weekly activities can benefit both traders and users, enabling the former to get more exposure and make profits out of their influence while offering the latter more opportunities to learn how to trade.

One-click copy trade, which is said to be one of Bitget’s three flagship products, was launched globally last May as the first of its kind. The product has been well sought after in the industry since its debut as it has effectively resolved the pain points of both futures contract traders and new investors. By following a selected trader’s activity through one-click copy trade, users can easily earn income without the need to keep an eye on the trading session constantly, as the platform will imitate that trader in buying and selling. As for traders, they can also get up to 10% of their copiers’ trading income.

According to official data, as of July 12th, the platform has more than 9,000 traders, with a total of 9.7 million copy trade transactions — an unrivaled performance achieved in less than a year after its launch. Bitget was reportedly the world’s largest contract copy trade platform for cryptocurrency as early as the end of last year.

Compared with similar platforms, compliance is a significant advantage of Bitget who now holds licenses from Singapore, the United States, Canada, and Australia, enabling it to effectively secure users’ assets under the supervision of local financial regulators. With a wide range of functions and a friendly fee schedule, Bitget’s copy trade enjoys an extremely high user activity. The number of traders on Bitget also far exceeds that of Etoro, a comparable platform.


>“As one of the flagship products of the exchange, copy trade’s success would not have been possible without the effective participation of all parties,” says a person in charge of the product in Bitget, “We welcome excellent traders to join our open, fair and transparent platform and will offer opportunities for them to contribute to and share the benefits from our growth.”


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