Birb – Game Portal at Launch. A Multi-Use case Token | Ecommerce, Social Sending, NFT Marketplace & More 🦜| ICO (PRESALE) TODAY

**Introducing Birb, A Multi-Use Token Designed To Reward Holders.**

Welcome to Birb, a high deflationary defi token built on the Binance smart chain. Birb aims at becoming a highly usable token with multiple use cases.

# Some of our current and upcoming features include:

**Birb Game Portal**

Our gaming portal will be live at launch and allow anyone to hatch for a chance to earn Birb tokens every day. The Top 250 holders will also have the opportunity to earn even more Birb by being able to claim extra rewards every 3 days. We believe holders should be rewarded nicely.

**Flock Protocol**

With our upcoming BirbSwap, Birb will be the first multi-token swap platform with a built-in privacy feature called Flock Protocol. This will allow your transactions to be completely hidden.


Our eCommerce payment apps will allow online stores to accept $BIRB as a payment method. Accept payments and get paid quickly with absolutely no hidden transaction fees. You will be fully protected from online scammers and chargebacks. The seller and buyer’s identity is also fully protected.


This feature will allow you to send Birb tokens to anyone on most social media platforms such as YouTube, Telegram, Twitter, Discord, WeChat, WhatsApp, and more. Online streamers will also be able to accept Birb tokens as donations. Some of these will be powered by bots for example Telegram and others will be powered by a web and app-based platform that will allow you to send Birb tokens to someone via a password-protected Birb URL. When the receiver inputs their password they can claim their Birb tokens. It will be an advanced web app with a user-friendly design to make it fun and easy to send Birb tokens to your friends and loved ones.


Our upcoming voting platform will allow the community to vote on upcoming developments. Everyone that owns Birb will have the opportunity to voice their opinion and vote. The voting platform will be designed in a way that prevents abuse and gives everyone a fair chance.


As bird and animal lovers in general, we have decided to do recurring charity to help animals in need. All proceeds from our upcoming merchant store will be donated to select charities that the Birb community can vote on.


The upcoming Birb lottery is a fun way to earn a big amount of Birb tokens. Simply buy a lottery ticket and check if you’re the lucky winner to hit the jackpot. The lottery will be done daily.

**NFT Marketplace**

The upcoming Birb NFT marketplace will allow anyone to offer their artwork. People can then bid and purchase an NFT. Anyone will be able to open their marketplace using the Birb network. Our team of talented artists will also create limited edition collectible NFT cards.


Birb is a community-governed token that rewards our holders, and we are constantly adding more features, such as diverse security options, e-commerce plugins, and social $BIRB sending. Birb plans to be a leader in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Cryptocurrency.


**β€’ 🐳 2 AUDITS**


**β€’ πŸ”œ AMA (July 27)**


β€’ Total supply: 100,000,000

β€’ 90% Locked wallet for development

β€’ 90% Locked wallet for marketing

β€’ 90% locked wallet for charity donations


β€’ Presale: Completed and reached 388BNB quickly (2 BNB max contribution)

β€’ **Launchpad Presale (ICO / IDO): TODAY – 21th July 2021, 3 PM UTC**

β€’ Contribution: Up to $700 BUSD

β€’ Hard cap: $275,000

β€’ Launch/Go-Live on Pancakeswap/ApeSwap a few hours after the Launchpad sale has been filled.


**DessertSwap (ID Verified):** [](

**Techrate:** [](

**Contract Address:**



πŸͺ Website: [](

πŸ“Ί TG: [](

πŸ”₯ Twitter: [](

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