BinanceMax Tokenization

Binance platform token known as $BMAX,is the utility token for BinanceMax Ecosystem. It is a collective ownership by the investors and holders of token. Token will be burnt periodically. This is done invariably by removing some tokens from circulation. Every reflected token is taxed on every deposit or withdrawal transaction by redistributing a percentage of every transaction to it’s holders. The procedure encourage token holders to hold on to their token in order to earn additional token from transactions of the market. Therefore they receive more token automatically and thus gain a profit as a result of holding the token.

In order to boost the price of BMAX,BMAX token is reduced to 1,000,000,000,000,with which 20% is burnt and taken off circulation at the point of creation. And as the BMAX community increase, the token total supply will continue to decrease. Unbought tokens are broken up in three categories with which equal part in halves will be accumulated to the pancakeswap volatility, lottery wallet in order to boost profits from the wallet and lastly tokens that are burnt.

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