BinanceMax DAMM

The BinanceMax Swap is a decentralized automatic market maker (DAMM) that
allows users to securely swap and trade digital assets through liquidity generated
Via pools called liquidity pool (LP).
Farm and Stake LPs tokens to earn more token and trading fees, thereby
contributing to the exchange liquidity, the BinanceMax DAMM exchange is built on
the Binance Smart Chain.
Apart from its unique swap features, there are other products that will be available
on the exchange; these includes, futures trading with up to 100x leverage, margin
trading and as well as a lending and borrow platform for margin liquidity
borrowing and lending.
The BinanceMAX DAMM exchange will provide traders with the same trading
features used mostly on centralized exchanges; such as trading charts, tools, and
indicators, thereby solving the common

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