Binance refferal program is unfair!

Guys I think it is really the right place to ask my question related to binance refferal program. Since binance added so many new features in there earning section, my many of the refferals stoped traded and using swap features of liquidity. This left me with alot low cashback.

Listen I actually think when ever binance charges fee for any activity including major activities like: turn small assets into bnb, liquid swap, liquidity pool e.t.c. binance always charges fee on other activities than trading. According to binance fee deduction comparison we refferal program members are getting little to nothing and I really wish binance allow us to earn from other sources to so we as a active member of Binance can invite more people to join this largest exchange. Although I understand problems with binance but right now my only question is why refferal program members only get cashback from trading activities as there is soo much more in binance now!

Looking forward for your feedbacks!

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