Binance future rest api stop loss and take profit as MAKER

I’m using Binance future rest api on my trading bot for BTCUSDT pair. Since taker fees are more than maker fees (almost double []( I’d like to use only maker order type(limit, stop or stop-limit)

Suppose I Buy 100$ of BTC when BTC price reach 30000$ ==> this is a Long limit order with 100$ BTC quantity and price of 30000$

I Have 2 conditions to quit my position. I’d like to quit when BTC price decrease(example when I loose 25$) or when BTC price increase at certain price (example when I win 30$). For simplicity, assume I quit my long position when BTC decrease to 29000$ (25$ of loss) or when it increase to 31500$(30$ of profit)

Can i make this 2 limit orders in this scenario to quit my position ?

1. First limit order with 100$ of btc quantity at btc price of 29000$
2. Second limit order with 100$ of btc quantity when btc price reaches 31500$

if not what type of order can I use to stop loss and take profit in this scenario (avoiding taker fees)?

Thank you.

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