Binance Coin is in the top three cryptocurrencies, Filecoin has risen to the top 15, Bittorent is in the top 30

Binance Coin (BNB) has become the third largest coin in the cryptocurrency market by capitalization, displacing the stablecoin Tether USD from this place. Active BNB purchases at the end of the month are associated with two factors – the upcoming altcoin burning and the possible appearance of Coinbase shares on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

A portion of the service cryptocurrency of the Binance exchange is destroyed every quarter for the amount of a portion of the profits earned by the company and used to buy back coins.

Burning continuously reduces emissions and raises the total value of the BNB. Previously, the value of Binance Coin was a relative concept, but now it will depend on the stock price of COIN, the largest cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. They are already reserved for issue on the NASDAQ stock exchange and may appear there in May.

According to analysts, speculators will seek to align the BNB rate with the COIN stocks, which are capable of breaking through the $ 300 mark, so the altcoin has room to grow.
Filecoin is attracting more and more investor attention. The FIL token continues to rise during the first three months of the year, unlike many other cryptocurrencies that were corrected throughout March.

The Filecoin blockchain differs from other altcoins in that it is a decentralized network for storing files. Its size within six months increased to 3,606 exabytes, represented by miners who receive a reward for this.
Periodic updating of the maximums by the FIL rate is associated with the constant activity of developers. Recent developments include the integration of the ChainLink oracle network, which will help FilđÁcoin advance in the DeFi industry, and a joint project with Livepeer. It consists of launching the video streaming platform.

Now investors are showing an increased interest in decentralized video hosting, on the wave of which THETA got into the top 10 cryptocurrencies rating.
The next popular crypto-asset associated with this technology was the Bittorrent token, which entered the top 30 yesterday. Over the course of the day, BTT gained 14%, amid a decline in THETA.

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