Binance Card: 0.9% fee

Hi Binance community, quick question (three in fact) related to the Binance card:

1 – Does anyone have more info on the **fee of “up to” 0.9%**? I did a first transaction today (Belgium), and there seemed to be no fee: my balance went from €15 to €6.09 after buying something for €8.91. Will there be a fee on my next transaction? I am completely in the dark on this. Competitor CDC does not apply card transaction fees to users.

2 – The **% of cashback you receive** depends on the amount of BNB “in your Binance wallets”. Does this only mean spot wallet (where my BNB is not yielding a return)? I was hoping to have my BNB yield a return (for example in Liquid Swap or staking) AND qualify me for higher cashback rates at the same time.

3 – How long did the **delivery of the physical card** take for you, and where are you located? I reached out to support, but they were not able to provide me with any info on typical delivery times for Western Europe. I’ve added a poll for this third question.

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What do you think?

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  1. Haven’t used my card yet but I can answer your last question with 100% certainty. 🙂

    I got my card a few weeks ago (also Belgium), it took around a week for it to arrive.

  2. 1. There is no fee for buying using EUR balance. If you buy with BUSD or other cryptos, you will pay a fee that is embedded in the transaction rate (in other words, you will be charged a worse rate than the market at that time).
    2. Spot, Futures, Sub-accounts, etc. all count. Locked/Defi staking and Liquid Swap do not. Full list: Spot Account Balance, Margin Account Balance, Sub-accounts Balance, Binance Savings Account Balance, BNB Vault Account Balance, Binance Fiat Account Balance, Futures Wallet Balance, Binance Card Wallet Balance, Launchpool Account Balance. [Source](
    3. 5 days, France, but was among the first to order. Since then delivery times have gotten more … random.

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