Binance Blockchain fighting the Scammers

When it comes to creating ones own cryptocurrency. Wouldn’t be more beneficial to ensure that an individual completes a Know your customer before being able to create a Cryptocurrency. This would go some way in tackling scams within the Binance blockchain and could deter future scams from happening.

Scammers really do a lot more damage to the crypto market and not just to those who lose their funds. They damage the trust within cryptocurrency and hurt new legit projects from getting investment. This creates fear, uncertainty and bad publicity to those who would otherwise be inclined to invest in projects.


Scams undermine the crypto community for what some coins/tokens aim/try to achieve.

I think the very first step to tackling it would be to do a KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER on any one who wants to create a cryptocurrency on Binance blockchain.

What do you think?

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