Best settings for FTW3 3080Ti and XC 3080 LHR.

I currently mine ETH on MPH with my other cards. I just got a FTW3 3080Ti, and will be getting another card (XC3 3080 LHR) because the XC3 fits in my mini ITX case (Ncase M1) without mods.

I guess the question I have is:
What’s the best OC settings for these cards for Ergo and RVN?

I haven’t found a pool that can mine Ergo and auto-convert to ETH, but I hope to because Ergo seem to be more profitable than RVN.

If I mine RVN as a second choice (since I’m already on MPH and they have RVN, but not Ergo), I’d also like to know the optimal OC settings for these two cards for RVN.

In my search, it seems people are actively talking about these cards and ETH, and barely any info on the 3080Ti. Even sites like whattomine and miningstat doesn’t really give much info (especially the 3080Ti), and they assume the 3080 is a non-LHR.

I just need to be pointed in the right direction and I can fine-tune to get the best results afterwards. Thanks.

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