Best domain registrar that takes BCH? (Besides Namecheap, read below)

I’m looking for any recommendations for myself and friends.

Context: I’ve used Namecheap for years and have spend hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars in BCH with them.

Recently though I ran into a very annoying issue that affected me and some people I’ve recommended use BCH with Namecheap.

One of the reasons you pay with crypto is so that you have more control over payment authorization. I registered almost all my domains with BCH so that they could expire automatically if I didn’t want to renew them and I wouldn’t have to worry whether I had checked the right boxes.

As I discovered recently though, if you don’t top up your BCH balance to pay for the domain after it has expired, Namecheap will simply bill your credit card on file even if you never authorized that card for those domains.

I’m sure this is in the fine print on a lengthy TOS page nobody can follow, but to me it sort of defeats the purpose in using BCH on their site if that’s their policy. I’d rather just use a credit card.

To make it worse, they refused to refund after the issue was brought up, so we all issued chargebacks for unauthorized transactions. After that, Namecheap fined us $200 per domain chargeback and claims they will hold ALL domains on the site, even paid for domains, hostage if the ransom isn’t paid.

Obviously I take some responsibility for this and should have read the fine print, and in the future, I could unlink my credit card and take other steps to avoid this, but since it has affected several friends of mine and has cost thousands of dollars, I’m interested in finding an alternative to recommend where I don’t need to worry about warning people about this.

What do you think?

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  1. Can’t you transfer your domains to another registrar? If I remember correctly, the domains that are paid you can transfer them without their consent. I did that when godaddy wanted to take hostages. That’s also why you should NEVER have both domains and hosting on the same provider.


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