Bernie Madoff Would Be Proud

Coinbase Up To Usual. Tricks. Stealing from its customers!

They responded to my complaint of only getting bot responses with another bot response.

” Thanks for providing your case number, [u/tuggletopia](! Our team has replied to you through your ongoing case with more information.”

You can’t make this s#%! up! They are blatantly stealing from their customers in plain sight and people keep depositing their money over their. No governmental oversight and no law enforcement. What a brilliant scam.

Great work Coinbase, you got Bernie Madoff beat.

What do you think?

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  1. I had the same problem with coinbase. It was showing pending transactions but in etherscan there was nothing to find. Coinbase recommended reinstalling the app would clear the ‘stuck but non existent’ txn’s… it worked.

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