Basically lost my job

Guys I know this doesn’t matter to y’all or I shouldn’t be posting about it but in time of need a brotha needs positivity. I don’t wanna go too deep but My job is awful causing my mental health to crash. I have debt and shit to pay for so it sucks being in this position. While trying to run my clothing line, which I know could be great with my only problem is finding it. The only thing that makes me chill out a little bit is having Safemoon. The community, the devs, the project just everything about Safemoon makes me have hope for my future. My other crypto investments have a great chance too but since day one Safemoon has been my favorite. I truly hope it will be what it’s made up to be. I actually don’t hope, I fucking pray because unlike some people I don’t want it to happen, I absolutely need this to happen. I will come back to this post 2-5 years from now and hopefully this will bring Joyful tears looking back at how much I struggled and how much pain I suffered. God is good, life is great let’s do good everyday 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

What do you think?

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  1. Bro, losing that job is probably a blessing in disguise. No job is ever worth it compare to your mental health. I’ve been there. On the plus side the job market is great right now. Negotiations is on the workers favor. Best of luck. Keep ya head up

  2. Fear and guilt is a creation from the “matrix” (society) we live in. You are going to be okay I promise. Use this as a means of creating your own wealth. Delve in activities to be your own boss. IT IS possible. Bought my first home at 20, haven’t worked a job for someone else since 17! Humans all have a sense of creativity, find yours during this time and capitalize on what YOU are owed and give to the world!! You could be an excellent artist/ photographer/ editor/ NFT platform. Possibilities endless!

  3. Listen my man, your job wasnt meant to be. Get something to keep you afloat and trust the universe. Manifest whatever life you want, believe in it and have faith in it. Help other people IN YOUR TIME OF NEED and watch how it makes you feel. There are always people worse off than us and we show love and gratitude for the air in our lungs. We pick ourselves up, push on and carry on the good fight.

    Stay in touch my man, ill send you good vibes only.

  4. keep ya head up brother. good things are coming. like papa said, in the future, youll be “looking in the mirror, happy as fuck”. safemoon will change our lives!

  5. Been there too my man, having a horrible job is the worst, considering you spend your life there pretty much.

    Stay positive, we’re all in the together! See you on the moon brother!

  6. I feel you had a horrible year or two and went basically broke. I got a good commission at the beginning of the year and put a bunch on different crypto this allowed me to buy safemoon early and profit on others and stack more safemoon. Now it’s basically my only money in safemoon I’m up huge but down from the heighs this is really the thing giving me hope at the moment! I have more faith in this project then any I’ve ever been involved in myself

  7. Been there, mopping up what you are spilling.

    You do you. If your pursuing something in life, chances are you will get there. Life has a way of throwing us curve balls, but also opportunity.

    I’m a single dad of an almost 13 year old and pushing 50.

    I’ve been fortunate to have a long, decent career, but have lots of debt (student loans, left over debt from 2008 crash, etc ). Even with stability it seems impossible to get ahead, and for me, saving for my kids college in about 5 years.

    Getting into investing has opened up my world to great possibility. I started with stocks, but got out because it’s rigged ( still holding my AMC).

    Then I got into crypto. Started with Doge, then Safemoon. Since then I have diversified into about 20 others. My hope is that when AMC hits MOASS, I cash out, pay off debt.

    Then I can focus on my crypto and sell those off when they start to moon.

    The only crypto I intend to Hodl beyond the moon is Safemoon. That will be my retirement money….live off of reflections.

    So when you say you “need it”, I am there with ya.

    I’ve worked since I was 15 and very hard I might say. Hard work these days doesn’t account for much unless your in management. No plans for that.

    So I’m on a 5 year plan hoping to be able to enjoy the next 20-30 years free rather than a slave to the economy.

  8. I’ve lost my last 2 jobs. One from a merger and I was let go from a medical wholesale company right before the holiday season in 2019. I work for Ford Motor Co now which isn’t the best but each job until now has been a rug pull for me when it ends and I’ve stumbled into something better. I make enough to provide and trick on crypto and gathered insurance, bennies, and retirement along the way. Don’t get caught up on the little shit, there is a path in front of you. Sometimes you gotta trudge through a river of shit first.

    Edit: I also got a fat bag of SFM, and will co tinue to buy more weekly. 🚀🚀

  9. I know how you feel but just keep taking on life’s challenges by doing the best you can. You’re still very young and need to enjoy life and do what makes you happy. If you’re job is making you depressed start looking for another one in the same field or try a new one all together. Making good money helps but it’s not the answer to life, happiness is. Find a career you love doing and are passionate about and it makes you happy doing it regardless of what it pays. If you do that you’ll be successful and better off. I’m in the middle of a rut as well. Company I’m with went from 10 employees and doing $15mil/year in contracts to 3 people $2mil/year and with everything going up in price other than my salary I need to move on.

  10. Been out of work for 16 months. I understand you completely. Safemoon is my hope and dream as well.
    We need to go back to school, start anew, do something completely different. And hold onto our crypto.
    Good luck from Lake Tahoe

  11. Keep your head up brada. Come vent to the community when needed. Sometimes you just need to talk about shit. We gotchu man. Just keep your head up, stay humble and keep grinding. Keep working and improving on your line. Side hustle fund it. Whatever it takes, just don’t give up

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