BABYLINK πŸš€ the first token to reward holders with ChainLink (Binance pegged) – Whitelist competition is underway – get in Early!

Why Buy BabyLink ?

This is a question everyone must be asking themselves right now. Why buy BabyLink? What makes it so special!?! Well we have just the answer for it that will make you FOMO into this!

There were 2 successful projects, one was BabyXRP and the new one is BabyCake. Both of them had their unique features and so we picked them up, combined then and created something that will not come down anytime soon! This token stays up!

Apart from us just having amazing tokenomics, we have an amazing team that is dedicated to working on the token and who are not going to let this fail!

BabyLink ensures Anti-Bot mechanism to be on point and we literally buy the dips with our seller-funded whale wallet! Apart from this, marketing and promos are going to ensure that the whale wallet is used for pumping instead of buying dips!

This is the FIRST token to reward the holders with CHAINLINK [Binance-peg ChainLink] directly to their wallets every 30 mins and creating a friendly whale 🐳!

Going to be the biggest project of this month. Just created the TG a day ago and loads of marketing coming soon!!


Total Tax: 10% buy; 15% sell

3% Marketing Wallet

2% LP

5% Rewards Wallet


🌐 Telegram:

🌐 Website :

🌐 Twitter :

**Whitelist Application**:

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