Baby DPET | Fair Launch at Fair Launch at July 15, 2021 10am UTC | 1000x potential | Features a marketplace to trade on | Active devs and community |

Gaming is one of the few sectors that has profited from the 2020 pandemic, as people have looked for new ways of amusing themselves at home. Attaining
your full potential as a gamer is indeed more obtainable with Baby Dpet: the next big marketplace on BSC!

What is Binance Smart Chain?
Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a blockchain network built for running smart contract-based applications. BSC runs in parallel with Binance’s native Binance Chain (BC), which allows users to get the best of both worlds: the high transaction capacity of BC and the smart contract functionality of BSC. Here’s an introduction to Binance Smart Chain (BSC):
In technical terms, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a blockchain running independently from Binance Chain.
How does it work?
By using a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, Binance Smart Chain produces block times of less than 3 seconds. To become a validator, participants stake a block of their bitcoin to become part of the Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) algorithm. For transactions inside the block, users receive transaction fees if their block suggestion is valid. Unlike many protocols, BNBs are not inflationary, so there is no block allowance for newly issued BNBs. Binance is burning coins on a regular basis, which causes the supply of BNB to decrease over time.
Binance Smart Chain offers flexibility to the crypto-community, as assets from a number of different chains can be used to make DeFi a reality. The use of swaps in applications facilitates the exchange of assets in a fiduciary capacity.

PancakeSwap is the number one automated market maker (AMM) on Binance Smart Chain. That means that while you can trade digital assets on the platform, there isn’t an order book where you’re matched with someone else. Those pools are filled with other users’ funds. They deposit them into the pool, receiving liquidity provider (or LP) tokens in return. They can use those tokens to reclaim their share, plus a portion of the trading fees. So, in short, you can trade bep-20 tokens, or add liquidity and earn rewards.

Defi Pet or a Decentralized Finance Pet, is a virtual pet that could be customized to your liking. Players can collect, breed/trade beasts, fight and take part in events. Each pet’s quality comprises of numerous components that choose its appearance, stats and battle capabilities. Every Pet has diverse body parts and highlights: Body sort, Surface, Color Blend, Horn, Wing, Eyes, all arbitrarily produced upon its birth.
With the lack of pets to choose from, merchandise, and items, our team has been eyeing this problem. We found a solution to this conflict: Baby Dpet.

Baby Dpet is an advanced, and user friendly playform that offers a unique gaming experience to it’s holders. Baby Dpet features a marketplace where you could trade in all of your pets with the help of integration with My Defi Pet. With the combination of NFT, DeFi, and gaming content, Baby Dpet will permit blockchain trend-setters to issue one of a kind advanced resources.

Global Access: Anyone who has an internet access, can join Baby Dpet. We do not have citizenship restrictions!
Transparent: Our CA is public, and anyone with Internet access could see the source code.
Continuous Bounties – Baby Dpet’s investors will receive passive rewards while holding onto their tokens.

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