Auto-Farm automatically harvest yield and swap

Sup, over the past months I got more and more interested in ‘DeFi-Farms’, well in most cases they are shitcoins that will dump in value relatively quickly.

But until they dump they might deliver some profitable yield

So I wrote a Bot which automatically ‘harvests’ and sells earnings from those sites. It was relatively easy because most sites use a minimal(if at all) changed MasterChef.

The bot has settings such as:
– Interval
– Slippage
– Target Token
– …

The Bot follows this basic procedure:
1. Check PendingRewards (function has to be defined in the config)
2. Harvest Rewards (function has to be defined in the contract, in most cases its ‘deposit’)
3. Swap Rewards to desired Token (Token and Slippage needs to be set in config)
4. Repeat

Source can be found [here](

I included a example for in the repo

The bot can be set up that it posts every harvest/swap into a discord server(webhook needed)

Here is an example of how the output can look like

if you need any help with this (i wont set it up for you), you can throw me a DM or message me on discord 0xZ8pn#0101

What do you think?

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  1. I looked over the code and I don’t see anything sketchy with the private key use, but you should look at it yourself before you add your private key to anything.

  2. Nice! A tangent question I have is are there any farming rewards worth holding? I’m thinking maybe DFYN given that they keep running pools after each other, so you can use your DFYN rewards from one pool to see the next pool, thus giving them some longer term value?

  3. This is great! I was wanting to do exactly this! Any chance of spinning this up into a smart contract? I’ve been wanting to make a fee free auto-farm all on chain.

  4. Now your bot should be a dapp with its own shot coin. Then we can create anew dapp on top of that with its own token.

    Through this process we can generate trillions of usd.

Am I missing something? If we stop the burn at 25trillion how will we see over a penny?

Bernie Madoff Would Be Proud