Anyone interested in the STO markets, or you still go with the flow and follow DeFi/NFT projects?

Whenever I start talking about STOs, regulations are the first problem that everyone mentions, hard to get adoption when you have SEC over your head waiting to hammer you down.

Security tokens are subject to greater regulatory scrutiny than utility tokens (like Bitcoin or Ethereum) from the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission and they require full SEC approval to be sold in public offerings to non-accredited investors or traded on secondary exchanges.

The infrastructure of the current STO market is finally starting to come together with licensed broker/dealers, exchanges, and custodians starting operations.

Security tokens are not going anywhere and are here to stay (at least in my opinion). The creation of STOs greatly improves the efficiencies of traditional securities and allows for infinite programmable possibilities. STOs are the future and we expect the market to continue to grow exponentially.

Similarly, I feel that another reason why security tokens never took off in the first place, was due to the lack of liquidity solutions/infrastructure in the market. A common question often asked by STO issuers would be — where is the trading liquidity of these tokens going to come from? And this is exactly what IX Swap plans to solve, by providing a fully compliant platform where every user can trade security tokens. To put it simply, think of it as the “Uniswap” for STOs. Of course, there is much more than this and you can have a look at their socials:

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With that being said, I would like to hear your opinions…What’s the future of STOs? Do you follow any project in this space? Would you invest in STO? Why yes, why not?

What do you think?

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  1. Aside the Defi and NFTs trend, security tokens is another aspect I’m looking to catch up with. There seems to be alot of untapped opportunities there and Ixswap is wise to provide a market for these assets

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