Anyone counting Owls?

The devs have been owling a lot, making me think ALL out theories could be right.

# Owl Ventures (USA)
Owl Ventures is the largest venture capital firm in the world focused on the education technology sector

# OwlVentures (UK)
OwlVentures is an investment firm that supports early stage blockchain projects in shaping their growth story. Owl Ventures invests at various stages and our expert team take a hands on approach to assist our portfolio companies

# OwlStaking
I could only find a logo contest for this company and the partial “about” section: “We are a service provider in the blockchain cryptocurrency industry. We allow customers to pool their coins with other customers in…”

I’m having trouble finding this right now, how embarrassing. There was a post earlier today though that showed a cofounder of AMOG is named Owl, and I believe it was some blockchainey stuff

A social marketing firm to help build brand images

This is 5 companies, I think Shaun Witriol posted a tweet including 7 owl emojis. Keep hunting! Also, What have I missed in this list?

What do you think?

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  2. Dammit, I know I’ve read quite a few different theories and you are definitely leaving some out, but the problem is…I been tokin’ and I don’t remember shit RN and it really pisses me off #ganja😬
    Buuuuut I’m sure everyone is about to chime in👇🏽

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