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In 2020, benefiting from the Fed’s crazy money printing, Ark’s investment in ARK’s active funds mainly locks in innovative companies, all benefiting from ARK’s great success, and the stock price has doubled several times. However, entering 2021, as the epidemic appears to be under control, coupled with the psychology of inflation expectations caused by crazy money printing, the yield of U.S. Treasury bonds has been soaring. This also affects the major investment destructive innovation of ARK facing its holdings. There are concerns that stock valuations are too high, and as a result, its active funds have had a relatively large retracement in the near future. Nano dimension has encountered a similar situation. Last year, because the funds under Ark Investment continued to increase positions, this company that applied 3D printing technology in the production of printed circuit boards was attracted attention and sought after by investors all over the world. However, in recent months Following the ARK’s active funds, there is a relatively large price drop. Is it really a chance to go down the altar or is it a bargaining opportunity? Let us continue to watch.


1. Company introduction Nano dimension (US stock code: NNDM) is an Israeli company established in 2012. It mainly produces printing inks for 3D printers and corresponding conductive and insulating substrates used on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Compared with the traditional printing technology we know, 3D printing technology, as the name suggests, is that the machine can not only print flat products, but can also add a higher dimension in addition to the dimensions of the flat surface. This concept is very simple, but it can be applied to a wide range of industries. I believe that in recent years, we can often see many industrial application examples in newspapers, magazines and news around the world. From the most common printing of metal or plastic molds to cell printing used in medicine, what’s even cooler is that there are examples of directly building a house using 3D printing technology. These examples all tell us that the development potential of 3D printing technology is very large. NNDM is also the technology leader in applying 3D printing to the production of printed circuit boards. The 3D printing technology of printed circuit boards has the advantage that the insulating base material and the conductive material used for conducting signals can be printed simultaneously, and the production process is based on the concept of addition, that is, each layer of material The shape and size of the are all pre-defined according to the design drawing. The machine only needs to print one by one according to the pre-defined shape, which is an additive concept. The traditional printed circuit board production process needs to completely generate the required material layer first, and then remove the unnecessary parts by etching, which is a concept of subtraction, and the process is relatively cumbersome and lengthy.


2. Industrial moat For this kind of company trying to create a new business model with innovative technology, the most important moat is definitely part of the patent wall. Because NNDM is the world’s first equipment manufacturer capable of printing printed circuit boards with 3D printing technology, NNDM has mastered some key technologies and has applied for patents. Food can also play a role in the market. Another advantage is that NNDM has been trying to establish its own community system over the past year. Since NNDM is currently in a leading position in the relevant industry, NNDM has been actively playing a leading role in the field of AME (additive manufacturing of electronics) recently. It hopes to integrate partners in the relevant industry chain and imitate the traditional SAAS company’s model of establishing a community. Carry out technology and business promotion, and use the community to expand and excite different application areas. In order to achieve this goal, NNDM established the AME Online Academy (Additive Manufacturing of Electronics Academy) to learn and discuss related technologies and technologies with experts, scholars or practitioners from all over the world who are interested in 3D printing electronic products through online seminars. application.

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  1. NNDM great buy here, i loaded up on another 2000 shares at $7.50. Most WSB degen’s aren’t able to hold a stock for 2+ years so not gonna get a lot of hype here, but might be good to talk about in investing reddit. .

    With semiconductor sector absolutely BOOMING, and they have a working prototype, they are very close to a big business deal soon.

  2. I was bullish on them and made some money with them earlier this year but so many offerings and they got approved to sell like a billion shares lol they’re literally 3D printing shares.

  3. I like SSYS, they have some of the most revenue in the 3D printing space. They do aerospace printing. And the price is very low… So I went with SSYS.. next favorite was MTLS

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