Any good launchpad recommendations on the market right now ?

My new go to investment is in launchpads. It’s honestly a great investment for both the market and investors alike since it provides a way to raise capital for new projects while allowing investors to gain early access to token sales. But with so many launchpads currently cluttering the market its becoming harder to know the right ones to invest in

I’m currently investing in two launchpads and they’re serving me really well up until now.

I invested in GPool cause they only have one tier for investment and that automatically translates to zero whale wallets which is always a good thing. This also means that allocations are always guaranteed because again, there are no tiers.

The second one is Polystarter. I’m an all out Polygon project geek so this should come naturally lol. It’s the only good launchpad that I found was compatible with the platform. They’re doing a great job for both projects and investors alike.

I want to expand my launchpad investment portfolio, but as I mentioned I’m very picky with what I invest in. Can’t seem to find any launchpads worth taking the risk for. So I would definitely appreciate any recommendations (out of due diligence ofc).

What do you think?

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