Any explanation for this? Thank you!

Hello. So I did the math, I own 1.358e-4 % of total SFM supply. I bought on pancake swap in v1. I own ~1B and I get redistributed ~40k SFM / day. But for a $4M volume / day, which happens on pcs, I should get about 10M SFM / day, not 40k. So I guess I get reflections only when transactions happen in v1. Or what is it? In the past 40 days I got a total of ~$2M SFM, which is close to nothing, for 40 days and owning 1B… A $4M volume should mean at least 80B safemoon redistributed. Also, I don’t know how volume is calculated. But if I sell 10 coins and you buy 10, the volume is probably 10, right? But we both pay 1 coin in tax, so the total tax / volume should be 20%, which would double the numbers.

What do you think?

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