Any DeFi Protocol implementing Uniswaps Concentraded liquidity that also plans to add Limit Orders?

Ranged Orders in v3’s concetraded liquidity are absolutely amazing for trading!! They are similar to limit orders but better because they automatically swap again the coins the the price goes in the opposite direction!! And it does it multiple times if the range is crossed multiple times!!

Only problem is they only make swaps in one direction… So for example if you place a ranged order below the ETH price in the ETH/USDT pool, you can ONLY deposit USDT (and not ETH), and if ETH goes down, that USDT will swap to ETH…

It would be FANTASTIC to be able to place a ranged order below the ETH price by adding 100% ETH!! So when the range is crossed, it swaps to USDT!! EXCELENT for profit taking orders!!

But Uniswap isnt interested in making them… So is there any other protocol planning on making this Profit Taking Ranged Orders??

What do you think?

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