Announcing the Upcoming Launch of New Project, StakeHub.Finance

**Hello all!**

StakeHub is a new DeFi staking platform that is community governed, non-custodial and powered by the Binance Smart Chain. StakeHub provides fixed APY staking contracts starting with our STKHB Token, and we are soon expanding across multiple pairs to include WBTC, BNB, XRP & more!

We have not provided liquidity to any DEX’s yet as we are attempting to launch via and IFO on PancakeSwap. If rejected, we have planned on selling our tokens publicly prior to providing liquidity for users that would like to get in before liquidity provision.

Please check out our website and reach out if you’d like!

– StakeTeam

***For detailed information on STKHB please visit -*** [****](

Document Center: [](

Tokenomics: [](

Staking App: [](

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