Anetly War of Fantasy – Let the Games begin


Anetly is UAE based token .

Join Telegram and share as much as you can ! Stupendous tokenomics and best roapmap created for success of this amazing fantasy sports token ATY.

Ultimate reward on holding. Every transaction generates more liquidity and also helps funds the token marketing plan.

This is an amazing token that has crazy moonshot potential.
This token has really awesome usecase.

An amazing token for fantasy sports lovers .

Soon after launch ANETLY is coming with it’s own fantasy sports application ,firstly on web and Android version
Later with ios version along with tremendous unique features.

🔗Some of the useful links :

*Audited and KYCed by*

Play all the sports you love, all in one place!

*NBA* 🏀*


Total Supply :10,000,000,000
Token Name :Anetly Token
Token Symbol :ATY
Technology :BEP20

✅Verified contract


📌Anetly Token is built on BEP-20 blockchain network. It offers many benefits for players. Anetly offer 5 main stream games that can be played exclusively in Anetly System. Not only this, players also get 10% bonus when they use Anetly token.

📌Anetly charges 12% transaction fee on each transaction but most part of this fee goes back to the holders. 1% out of this 12% is used for auto burn, the other 1% is added to auto liquidity pool in Pancakeswap while 🔥🔥 10% 🔥🔥 goes back to the token holders in BNB which also called as BNB pool.

📌Anetly also planning to launch their very own iOS and Android apps with the support of META MASK Wallet. Not only this, but it becomes very easy to buy Anetly token from popular exchanges like Pancakeswap.
Token holders will also be able to exclusively participate in sponsored fantasy games tournaments.

🔥1% Auto Liquidity
🔥1% Auto Burn
🔥10% Token Holder (BNB)

Feel free to join our community and let’s play and earn together .

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