An interesting article in Fast Company……

about the future of Bitcoin (and crypto in general). A question posed to panel near end of the article, ‘Here to Stay?’ had me thinking about Safemoon.

**Harsch Khandelwal, CEO,** [**UREEQA**](**:**”*Incumbents first ignore the new entrant, then they make fun of the new entrant, they eventually fight the new entrant, and finally, they’re unseated by the new entrant. We’re transitioning from a period in which established players mocked the space to one in which they’re fighting it.”*


In my mind, above is applicable to Safemoon and response by incumbents such as Binance. What we’re looking for is for Safemoon to progress over time from being ignored -> unseating specific incumbents.

This is what we’re all hoping SFM can accomplish over next several years as they continue to make progress against their stated roadmap….as well as introduce new services / features not yet publicized.

This isn’t a sprint….it’s a marathon…and only members of the Safemoon Army with stamina will make it to the end.

What do you think?

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