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Our investigation has come to a conclusion. We are 100% certain the fault lies with Incent.

We have enclosed the report of our colleagues from the laboratory of Zerion, who helped to conduct the investigation. We expect Incent to publicly apologize to the EncryptoTel community, and accept full responsibility including financial damages.

Here is the report on the investigation into the hacking incident: >>>

ETH token

The hacker has returned the 38 million stolen ETH ETT tokens, likely as a result of our statement of intent to re-issue the ETH ETT token. All tokens are now accounted for and secure as you can see here. Trading will be re-enabled on Tidex soon.

Waves token

As a reminder to Waves ETT token holders, you do not need do anything. Trading will be re-enabled on Waves-DEX and Tidex soon.


We will be resuming distribution in the next few days. We will be doing it personally, and not relying on a third party. The bounty distribution process will begin right after that.

Aleksey Kuznetsov, CTO and co-founder

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