AMD voltage settings not being applied

I have an RX 470 4gb and an RX 580 8gb mining RVN and ETH, respectively. I’ve been trying to optimize power consumption, and right now I have a manual overclock in the AMD Radeon Software with both core and memory voltages set to 950 mV for both cards. In teamredminer, the VDDC is displayed as 950 mV for both cards, as expected. However, GPU-Z says the 470 is at 937.5 mV and the 580 is at 1018 mV. A different program, Speccy, says voltages for all GPUs are 950 mV.

So is GPU-Z making up weird readings, or are my voltage settings not being applied? Any ideas why the voltage isn’t being set right would be great. Power draw was 490W, with a 500W PSU for the desktop and a 300W PSU for auxiliary power to the 470 + riser.

What do you think?

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