Amd and Nvidia Gpu detecting problem

Im having a problem with the rig where its not detecting 2 cards an rtx and amd card. I have a total of 6 gpus connected and only 4 is being detected.


Gpu: 5x rx 580, 1x 2070S (all stock)

Motherboard: asrock h110 pro btc+ (needs to power 2 molex on the board if more than 3 gpus)

Intel i3 7100

12gb Ram

PSU: Be Quiet 1200w (Powering most of the cards), Seasonic 850w (connected to 1x rx 580 and 1x 2070S and connected to mobo with a molex connecting to mobo)

SSD 240gb

Windows 10 pro

Previously to this problem when I had all connected, there was no display. So, I unplugged the riser from the 2070s to check if it works but still same so I removed more Rx 580 cards and it worked and got display. I put back first all the rx 580 cards and only 1 is not being detected which is one of the rx card. Ive checked before and all cards are working when started one by one. I then plugged the 2070S card and it isnt getting detected.

I really dont know what I’m missing. its been 3 days of troubleshooting…

Im new to this. Please Help
(Also uploaded in r/gpumining for further help ;-; :D)

What do you think?

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