Am I missing something? If we stop the burn at 25trillion how will we see over a penny?

Hey guys, please correct me if I’m wrong but there have been rumors that the burn will stop at/or around 25trillion. Again, these are just rumors so take it with a grain of salt, but if that’s the case, then even with a $100 billion market cap, we would still only be valued at $0.004 per safemoon. You can figure this out by taking the total market cap and dividing by the total supply in circulation. $0.004 would make a lot of us very very happy, myself included, and I understand we would still see solid reflections at 25t, but the overall value of the token/coin is dependent on the total circulating supply no? We could never see a .01+ with that large of a supply. I believe we should let the burn drop as far as 1 trillion. $100 billion MC / 1T supply gives us $0.10! And that would take most, if not all of us to the 🌙

What do you think?

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  1. I think easiest way to conceptualize it is this: A hyperdeflationary coin paired with a hyperinflationary USD. The growth will have some correlation to the weakening of the USD value.

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  3. I think safemoon, in 5-10 years could go even higher the 100 billion Mcap. 25trillion is a rumor, no more no less. That said. 0.004 is like 1000x your current investment. Chill

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