Am I being scammed?

Ok so this lady messaged me on instagram asking me to be her sugar baby. She promised to send me 200 dollars a day for talking to her. At first I thought this was a scam so I just talked to her regularly for a few days. Today she said she’ll start sending me an allowance. I said sure. She said she’ll send me 500 dollars then I go deposit 300 of it into a bitcoin atm with this qr wallet she sent me. I keep the 200 for myself. I gave her my name and my email as well as a screenshot of the limits I have for my bank. She said she’ll send me the money tommorow. Am I being scammed? What should I do? What can I do if I am being scammed?

What do you think?

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  1. She’ll send you $500 and you use $300 to buy and send her Bitcoin. Once you send her the Bitcoin (or just let her to scan the QR code) she will call her bank and reverse the transaction to get the $500 back. You’ll end up with $300 in negative, she’ll never contact you again.

    >What should I do?

    Ghost her.

    >What can I do if I am being scammed?

    Never send Bitcoin to strangers that “found” you online.

  2. There’s so many red flags in this for it not be a scam: free money from just talking (she could phone any helpline?), giving you $500 for you to give her back $300 (what would be the point of this if not to satisfy an ulterior motive – she could just gift you the $200?), transactions happening as she dictates (I bet if you said send me cash in the post or a cheque, or literally anything else, she’d say no?), asking for details from you (literally anything is probably helpful to make a profile of you)… I’m sorry, there’s nothing like free money in this world. ‘She’ is scamming you.

  3. your bank account will be emptied soon with the info you gave her. She (her male accomplice) will call the bank and confirm your id with your email, limits you have… probably you told her your age (year of birth), also horoscope and then your exact birthday too, so that she can send you “presents” in your bday…

  4. of course it’s a scam. no one gives free money. she’s been working you. If she wanted to send you money she could paypal you, send you crypto, anything.. there is literally no reason on earth for her to need that info.

  5. YES…..

    And if you don’t don’t realize this you are to fucking stupid to get involved in BTC or any other ctypto…..

    Sorry, I tried to be as nice as I could…….but is this real?!?!

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  7. This is definately sketchy as fuck and most likely a scam. However, you may not be the scamee. I know people who have been asked to set up a bank account and give someone the details. Every month they get some money. Some sort of betting syndicate.

Sad to see scam coins ruining the market.

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