Alright. Alright. PSA Question time. I need some answers here because I’ve got money in Doge but I seem to clearly misunderstand what is going on on this sub.

So I’ve seen memes about Doge getting to 1$, I’ve seen posts “hooray-ing” about the spikes, I’ve seen many memes about people buying Lambos and quitting their jobs and wearing pimp suits. Several of these memes have gotten thousands of upvotes. To me, this indicates without a shadow of a doubt that we are all looking greatly looking forward to seeing the price of Doge going up. Even seen posts of people who’ve put tens of thousands of dollars into Doge waiting for the awesome day that Doge spikes and they see massive gains. Again, this tells me that we are all hoping that the price of Doge goes up so we can all see returns.

I’ve put out a couple of posts regarding some critical analysis of *how* we can potentially achieve those gains, how to potentially achieve getting Doge to $1. Bear in mind that I do this because I’ve had many conversations about both the pros and cons of Dogecoin. Bear also in mind that I’m thinking critically and coming up with ideas to share with the community because I have stake in Doge– I have bought Doge. And I care about my investments; to which I’m sure you all do too.

Now every single one of my posts that talks about creating a demand for Doge is criticized because the alleged philosophy of Dogecoin is much more altruistic: a digital, decentralized currency available to everyone who wishes to buy it. Cool, I’m down for that. But an infinite supply of Doge will create the opposite of demand, and continue to drive *down* the price of Doge, which is in *direct contradiction* to the most popular posts on this sub.

So the *question I have for you all:* Do you wish to see the price of Doge go up?? **Or** do you wish that Doge is made available to all? Because the basic economic principle of “Supply and Demand” unfortunately prevents those two things happening in tandem.

If the answer is the former, then the *only* way for that to happen is by *creating* a consistent demand, which is *unobtainable* if there is am infinite supply. If the answer is the latter, then I expect to see a decline of materialistic posts about Lambos and houses and suits and retirement and Doge getting to $1, because that would be effectively impossible and certainly not altruistic.

If you read this far, thank you for your time. If you care to give me your thoughts, I’d sincerely appreciate it for the extra time you took for the sake of knowledge.

What do you think?

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  1. See. The problem here is, DOGE does not have an infinite supply. Which automatically puts many off to whatever you say. While it’s true DOGE has no hard cap on how many can mined In total, like BTC’s 88 million. DOGE does have an annual hard cap that will cause DOGE to become deflationary in a few years.

  2. The dollar has an infinite supply and it’s worth wait for it 1$ do you know how many 20 yr old gamers talked shot about Bitcoin? Sit down and enjoy the ride check back for fun memes and people Doing Good Every Day and In few years lets see where Doge is. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. Until then go buy another fedora and play some Halo or Dungeons and whatever it is you play.

  3. Doge has peaked. The .70 peak scared the crypto community because there was nothing behind the coin except elons tweets. I still have a few thousand coins but reality is this is still a meme coin. Ride the peaks but dont get your hopes up this is the next ETH.

  4. I think Dogecoin needs a community project that can be used as a marketing push outside of crypto circles to get it moving up to a dollar, and not just small token donations to dog shelters, or whatever, but something big, and something that shows non-crypto people it can be used by them to accomplish (fund) their creative dreams….

    This is my idea…

    Dogecoin Entertainment is a “community project” to help promote the currency usage of doge…, the nuts and bolts of the plan are this…

    · 150,000 Dogecoin Holders spend (donate) $2-$3 to rent a cheesy rubber puppet b-horror movie to watch on Halloween… a b-horror movie that has yet to be made.

    · $300-$450k (every single Doge sent to the cause) in Dogecoin is then spent making a movie, and, as much as possible, the services/gear/etc for the production are paid for in Dogecoin transactions.

    · On (or around) Halloween, the finished movie will then be released on YouTube for all the world to watch, 100% uncut and free, and then everyone “rents” an unmade movie again, which will then be released the following April Fools Day.

    · A free movie being released every six months that is funded entirely in Dogecoin “tips” is a great marketing tool. It’s a story that entertainment websites will write about, and countless copycat filmmakers and creatives with hopeful dreams will flock to be the next to do it, creating more wallets and more of a marketing push, making it more mainstream as they spread the word with a “Kickstarter buzz” mindset.

    · The demographics of low-budget b-horror fans are very much in sync with the demographics of people likely to buy crypto, so this will help continue to add new wallets as Dogecoin Entertainment builds a brand fanbase.

    There’s more on the website, about the plan, and my backstory and reasoning for wanting to make free horror movies (without keeping a penny for myself), if anyone is interested…

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