[AIRDROP] FLITTEX – Cryptocurrency Exchange

Flittex is a digital stock investment confirmation cryptocurrency exchange

Make money with your friends!

For registration you will receive: 35 FTX (0.0175 BNB)

For each brought friend, you get: 10 FTX  (0.005 BNB)

Your friend also gets 10 FTX – bonuses and 35 FTX for registration. Therefore, the referral system is very beneficial for both parties!

FTX 1 token price – 0.0005 BNB

Also, when you recruit a certain number of referrals, you can participate in bonus giveaways during August.

When your referral buys at least 500 tokens, you will receive 5% of the purchase amount in cryptocurrency used by your referral within 24 hours after purchase.


Flittex is a digital stock investment confirmation cryptocurrency exchange.
Our idea is to combine the digital assets of the ICO and the shares of the global exchange market while leaving the main principles of the cryptocurrency world.
We set ourselves the goal of achieving recognition by the world of the cryptocurrency community on an equal footing with the financial asset,
in order to enable holders to store your cryptocurrency capital not only in lines of code in the blockchain, but also in generally recognized securities.


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