Again. Not your key not your crypto. Love you guys.

Ok so today I was watching Meet Kevin and he mentioned how Robinhood had the lowest fees for trading even compared to Coinbase. This is true.

So it got me thinking about why, but it turns out I already knew why.

That massive wallet that holds all that Doge that we speculate is the Robinhood wallet. Remember, not your wallet-not your coin. There’s only one wallet for millions of Doge holders.

So what is happening when you’re buying and selling Doge on Robinhood? Behind the scenes? The wallet only continues to accumulate more Doge, usually in massive blocks. Over time, as more people create a Robinhood account and start buying Doge from there the wallet will steadily grow. At a much quicker rate than it would shrink.

I believe the wallet only does this because more people “bought” Doge on their platform. See, with Robinhood, you’re only trading the value. Your trades are not going onto the blockchain ledger itself.

So when you SELL on Robinhood, do you think that they then take the Doge and sell it back into the market, or just give you your cash and transfer the “ownership” to the next person who bought Doge on Robinhood. Because computers and high frequency trading. Even if they couldn’t find a seller or buyer they would just fulfill it anyway (sound familiar?). You’re trading in a pool and your “Doge” is the water. (liquidity within the wallet)

Robinhood has created its own ecosystem for trading Doge, that is how they are able to do it for the lowest fees. When you buy/sell Doge on Robinhood’s platform it is off the blockchain and into their own market.

——They’re probably just pocketing the fees you pay to trade your Doge. Or they use the fees to pay for the blocks and pocket whatever is left over——-

It’s centralized within Robinhood. The wallet only buys/sells (on the blockchain) when they need to balance their books. But its doubtful they would run out of buyers/sellers within their platform so the wallet would not have to make as many transactions.

The wallet operates in large blocks.

If you sold 10 Doge the wallet itself would not sell 10 Doge it would just find someone within their platform to buy the rights to that “share” of their entire Doge wallet.

Buying Doge on Robinhood is the same thing as buying shares of a company, only the “company” is the wallet. And your Doge is, in a sense, in being traded on a dark pool.

Robinhood, in effect, is:

– Naked shorting Dogecoin (IOUs-you’re not buying real Doge, you’re buying the right to a part of the wallet, and again not your wallet not your crypto.)

– Trading it in “dark pools” (off the blockchain), and

– Manipulating Dogecoin’s TRUE volume/price,

—-ALL while (possibly) skimming fees off the top.

Doge on Robinhood = The first unofficial/official, “crypto index fund”.

(Sort of.)

It’s appreciating asset? REAL Doge.

If everyone just decided to paper hand their entire Robinhood “wallet” and buy REAL Doge, now THAT would be something to see. They would probably be force to liquidate all of that Doge, creating massive downward pressure. But everyone coming in to buy it after they left Robinhood would create massive upside as well. That would be nuts.

This is not financial advice and don’t think I’m telling you to sell/buy. I’m a .75 hodler on Robinhood myself. But I have been buying -real- Doge for quite some time as well (been ignoring the real Doge having fun trading on RH).

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EDIT:::Possible solutions:::: coinbase + ledger (cold storage device). Acquire real Doge and keep it safe in a ledger. Not financial advice. If you do not understand this process feel free to ask below in the comments I will reply and answer whatever questions I can and as best to my knowledge.

What do you think?

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  1. Losing the keys is a pathetic excuse for not doing more research. Robinhood is not an Exchange. They are a broker that buys from the exchange with the lowest price, while charging you for the exchange with the highest price. That’s why they say there is a 5% collar when you read the fine print. Check out the Market data on coinmarketcap dot com. Robinhood is not listed as an exchange.

  2. I been telling people that when they buy from Robinhood they are just investing on what Robinhood already invested. They are just betting on the price. They are not helping doge price move at all. Robinhood is one of the biggest doge holder out there. They have enough coin for us to trade back and forth. They just cycle the coin around when we buy and sell to each other. Robinhood make 30% of their crypto revenue in the 1st quarter alone. I hope more people know about this so they won’t waste their money buying from Robinhood that’s does nothing helpful for the price to moon. I know Robinhood have the lowest fee compare to other exchange. But personally I think it’s worth it to pay that fee and you can also own the coin and spend it while it helps the price move up.

  3. Robinhood has a high trade fee, they just advertise differently. They give you a shady price that is 5% higher than the exchange they got it from. They are purely a broker. That’s it! They are not an exchange. They had to pay millions in fines when they got caught doing this with stocks. They get away with it because crypto isn’t regulated. When you look at coinmarketcap dot com, do you see Robinhood listed as a market? No, never. They aren’t an exchange.

  4. I totally agree I started on Robinhood and still have some there as I like to trade stocks. I am looking into getting it off Robinhood onto my Coinbase account however I’m scared to wait the amount of days to actually get my cash out so I can reinvest. The price could be higher. All my doge purchases for last month have all been on Coinbase not sure what is the best out there it just happened to run the doge contest so I went there.

  5. so do you think coinbase is better than kraken, binance, etoro, voyager, and all these other exchanges that haven’t been involved in shady stuff? 😬

    just wondering, thanks for your input 🙂


  7. Some people don’t care they don’t “own” the crypto. They just want to invest in hopes of making more money. There’s nothing to do with the crypto anyway for them so there’s no point in holding the keys and the possibility of losing the keys and then losing the whole investment.

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