After having a couple of beers and 10 crown and cokes

And thinking for many many many minutes. I have come down to the conclusion that

95% of the 25 top whales is a mixed of family and friends of the safemoon team that are under an NRA contract and they don’t really own the tokens they are only using their Person to create the wallet and they work as an independent contractor (tax purposes) to create an illusion that we have whales that we need to eliminate first before we get to the moon. Why do I believe that? Well I believe SAFEMOON is a project like an iceberg… we only see the top but we have no idea the true background of the token and I believe this token has been in the works and planned for years.

First of all how hard it was to be able to get a hold of the token right at opening that only people that had true initial access to info dates and times. (Family) and by the time they bought they had already signed a contract the size of a bible so nothing gets released.

Why do I believe that? I think it’s almost impossible for a human to go from a $5000 to $10,000 investment and and then see that investment go to $60,000,000 in a matter of a month and that person not go crazy or literally let everyone and their mother know what a great investment they did.

Who is capable of doing that? Well… someone that knew exactly what was going to happen.

SAFEMOON knew what it was going to happen and they weren’t just about to let anyone ave control of trillions and trillions of tokens and hand them that kind of power. They would easily lose control of the supply etc of safemoon is capable of creating such a crazy evolution I can guarantee you that they wouldn’t just let anyone jump on having that type of power over safemoon. All the sales are timed all the buys are timed the team knows there has to be some FUD going on so that people buy/sell or else if every single person truly holds that we are screwed.

So with that being said I BELIEVE that’s why PAPA said there will be 100,000,000 supply within a year or so. He knows becaus they have full control of whales.

Ok I’m done and I’m also clearly still under the effects of Crown 🥃 😂 🐳🚀🌝

edit: don’t forget… DIAMONDS are not rare… there is billions of diamonds in the world.. the reason why they’re so rare is because they’re under a monopoly controled supplier.. they know if they release all diamonds then it will drop its value so they keep them in house and release an amount per year.. controlled supply. Imagine someone gets a hold of 20% of all diamonds and they have no control over them? Well they can just sell them all at market cost and destroy the diamond value… SAME WITH SAFEMOON. Tell me why government that are poor don’t just print trillions and trillions of dollars? Well because inflation and will destroy the value…. well there you go again!! SAFEMOON is protection the price of SAFEMOON TOKEN by having control of the whales! So some idiots doesn’t just dump 20 trillion and kill the project.

What do you think?

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  1. I’m not certain you’re 100% correct, but I don’t think you’re too far off. The controlled release by the whales appears to be thoughtful towards the overall price of SafeMoon and the rest of the holders. It’s like they’re trying to prevent SafeMoon from mooning too soon, control the value.

  2. On a balance of probabilites, I’d say you are probably close to accurate.

    For example, on many other subs Whales often post about their holdings and about the point at which they got in, etc, etc – usually to encourage others to hold and to show that sometimes a yolo bet can be truly life changing.

    Have not seen a single example of that on any of the Safemoon groups. Either here on Reddit or elsewhere.

    Add in the fact that the Whale activity appears to be largely co-ordinated (notice that the selloffs are orderly, predictable and almost synchronised on occasion).

    But, as the OP points out, other than someone who knew what the project intended to gradually become, who else would 1. Know about Safemoon on literally day one and 2. Be willing to drop a solid five or six figures on such a wild and wholly unpredictable gamble during the shitcoin avalanche that was March 2021.

    100% the whales are known to the team and that’s a good thing. Not only does it ensure stability and longevity, but the team deserve to be fully rewarded for all they will hopefully bring to holders and early Safemoon adopters.

  3. I have truly thought about this as well. Seems very organized. Why wouldn’t a regular person just cash out and/or move it to Bitcoin? So, I think they do have control.

  4. There is a lot to unpack there, I think your on the right track. I’ve been thinking the same, not in such detail and thank you for the DD. This isn’t an overnight success, it’s years in the making and DAMN IT, we get to part of an EVOLUTION. It’s an exciting time and thankful it’s right here and right now!! Lv y’all 👊🏻

  5. Let’s assume that you are right with your assumption, what would happen if the whales send all tokens to the burn address at the right time? How would the price behave?

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  7. Real diamonds take millions of years at extreme temperature and pressure to form. That’s why they’re considered rare. Not because ”rich have them” lol.

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