Abnormal consumption 3060ti

I was wondering if anyone ever had this kind of problem.

I’ve been mining with a 3060ti since feb/mar and the card always did a good job. My settings (afterburner) were:
– Power Limit 58% (115w)
– Core clock -500
– Memory clock +1200
– Fan 55~60%
– Temperatures always stayed on 50~60°C (core).
– 61MH/s

Now when I try to mine (t-rex) with above settings, core clock stays on 200Mhz~350Mhz top. If I push the memories down to +0, the core clock goes up a bit. Looks like some self imposed power limitation. Now I have to use other settings to achieve 57MH/s@140w (power limit 71%). Looks good on gaming, even so the performance seens a tiny bit bellow some 3060ti (superposition 1080p extreme ~6700 points).

Now, I was looking for it’s power consumption and the card is chugging a lot moar power in idle, without anything connected, just sitting in idle (screenshot attached).
**My guess, since I made a whole lot of tests if that something is wrong on the card or the gpu chip itself. Does anyone have some guess if it’s a mosfet/vrm/something related?**

Of course I made a lot of testing before posting:
– Other motherboard/slot
– Other PSU
– Other drivers
– Repaste, even if doesn’t looked like temperature problem (at least on the core)
– Anything else that is more common, since I have some knowledge about hardware

– 3060ti was mining at 61MH/s@115w
– Suddenly I needed to tweak to 57MH/s@140w, otherwise, the core clock dropped to 200~350MHz
– Made a lot of tests with different motherboard, drivers, OS etc
– The card consumption in full idle is too high
– My guess is that it’s something hardware related, but I have no idea what (vrm, mosfets etc)
– **I was hoping that someone with advaced eletronical knowledge would give a opinion (idle consumption screenshot attached).**

What do you think?

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