A personal way of doing DD on WISH.


The first time when I saw WISH populated here, I decided to do some DD. Many people here have done good job on DD by analyzing WISH’s financial statement or technical charts. They are very helpful but can’t answer my key suspicion as whether WISH can deliver goods on time(aka within the acceptable time frame that I am willing to take given the huge discount on the goods)


So I decided to use WISH to buy something for the first time( I didn’t know WISH at all until retards here talking about it’s price jump three weeks ago.) To me, it is no brainer that people expect relatively lower quality and longer delivery time with huge discount on products from WISH. I just want to to make sure the quality and time frame is acceptable. My assumption is that WISH will have a good future if the product quality is acceptable and product can be delivered within the date frame WISH committed when I made the purchase. So I bought the first item as showing in the attached pictures.


I bought this item on June 9th and it was said to be delivered by July 3rd. I am in Canada by the way. I picked up this item is Free on WISH. I only paid shipping $1.21.

On June 30th, I received the item as showing in the attached picture. The quality is good. But to me the most important thing is it was delivered to my mail box three days before the deadline. So it make me very comfortable to buy WISH stock as well as their goods.I think WISH has overcome its current greatest hurdle of not being able todeliver items on time due to the transportation issue caused by COVID.

Full disclosure:

Since June 8th, I have been buying and selling WISH a few times to play along with the volatility. I am always leaning towards to long side. Now I am holding 5000+ of WISH stocks. My current plan is holding it until $16ish (don’t ask me why $16. It is just a number looks right) and then play with the volatility again. And always, I will lean to long side while playing with volatility.

Edit 1: Hi, can someone help me on how to post pictures along with my text here?

Edit 2: finally I figured it out. Here is the link to see pictures and screenshots

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  1. Good luck. It’d be nice to see some positive PR. A week without news has caused a slump. There seems to be a lot of selling into any uptick. Stock jumps from 13.18 to 13.24 for example, and then a block sale comes in and takes out the .23 bid. I kind of agree with you about the $16 range, but I would be selling calls (IV > 100%) at $17 or above instead.

  2. Good dd 1st hand customer experience. I also ordered from WISH because I am holding 12,500 shares. I downloaded the app and liked the user interface. I also gave it 5 stars to support my cause. I ordered the free gift that they give for new customers a wallet and shipping was 1 dollar. I also ordered a six pack of plain white shirts. Both came before the promised delivery date and I was happy. I can’t wait til this stock reverses and starts going up again!

  3. Sorry to say, but WISH is a momentum play, not a value play, the stock price already presents its value. Community and people by the stock are great, still, is there additional value behind it? I don’t think so

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