A message from a .003 HODLer

In the summer of 2019, I had disposable income for one of the first times in my life. Crypto was relatively new to RobinHood at the time and Doge really peaked my interest as it was the cheapest. Between June and August I accumulated over 15K Dogecoin for a little more than $50.

When I would show my friends my meager investment portfolio, they’d almost always chuckle that I had bought the meme coin. I would simply explain that I had 15,000 of them, and on the off chance it even went to a couple cents, I could have life changing gains from $50. The offside? If it went to $0, I lost $50 I most likely would’ve forgotten about by then.

**Is it dead?**

Here’s the thing my doges, **nobody can tell for sure the trajectory of cryptocurrency as a whole.** Some brilliant minds believe it could become the foundation for a stable global economy, while other equally intelligent individuals also state that it’s merely a bubble. If it’s first case, mainstream crypto (BTC, ETC, LTC, DOGE) as a whole is still a strong buy, as it appears to be consolidating from this last crazy rip we saw.

**When do I see myself cashing out?**

At minimum, when I can tell my future children that their old man is financing their education/passions with a silly and fun investment he made when he was 20.

**Price action and moving forward:**

Doge went from .008-.09 in a little over a week. It then traded side ways between .03-.07 for two months before ripping up again to a new high of .48 and then continuing upward to its ATH of .75. That is crazy and unsustainable regardless of the big catalysts that we had. Stabilizing around .2 would be monumental. I would feel so blessed if we continued to trade sideways for a couple months before the next big rip. **Dont forget the power of this community. In January, experts placed our 2021 PT at .08 max. Look where we are now.** With the coin being further developed, Andromeda is the limit for us in the future. Recently, [core developers did successful transaction testing reduced fee code changes]( . As of four days ago, [Coinbase added Doge to its commerce utility]( which will bring upon [integration with Shopify.]( This is monumental as [Shopify has over one million vendors as well as being the third largest vessel for e-commerce]( . I hope y’all got something out of this! Doge to the Moon(and then Andromeda)!!!!

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