A DOGE Request For The Community

Hello everyone, I don’t post here often but hang around reading everyone’s thoughts here and there. It’s very interesting to say the least! I have seen everything from positive uplifting posts, to negative dogecoin doubting posts, and hilarious memes regarding doge’s current price action. It’s honestly been a blast making and losing money with you all! You feel like a real community of shibes who actually want to do good things without anything in return.


Listen, my birthday is tomorrow, and I have a request for everyone. My wish would be for tomorrow, **July 20th**, for everyone to do an extra good thing for someone they know or even better a complete stranger. I wish for an influx of positivity and love to pop up around the world tomorrow. Feel free to post stories about the good you create tomorrow! I hope this was short and sweet and I hope it has an impact not only tomorrow, but beyond! Thank you for building this community, this place would be nothing without every single shibe out there!

What do you think?

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