A different rig design…

I started to mine RVN with my old RX580 in April. For many months I learned about hiveos, risers, miners and other crypto-related stuff. That period was a practice for me before jumping to a 13×3070 setup. I live in the Mediterranean and summers are really f*king hot here. It can easily reach 45 Celsius during midday and nights are around 25-30. So thermal throttling could be an issue for me. That’s why I designed this setup. I believe there is enough space between cards so they can breathe easily. Cards are attached 1 to the left 1 to the right so they don’t heat up each other too much. I also made a small platform to raise the motherboard due to the cable length. Currently, the fans are around %70 and temps do not exceed 65 Celcius. Right now it’s night and with the open windows only (no additional fan for airflow) I have 65 Celcius with %50 fan speed. I even have a card with 56 Celcius with %30 fan speed. The next steps will be:
1) Marking the positions of the cards to screw them to the frame instead of using zip-ties.
2) Securing motherboard and PSU’s to the table
3) 3 RTX 3070s will be added
4) The motherboard rising platform was supposed to be an adjustable one but I was so sleepy and tired (plus lazy) to dig the holes. Maybe I will do it later as well.
5) Adding a panel on the front for reset & shutdown buttons and USB ports.
6) I bought 10 Aigo PMW fans (cheap sh*t from Aliexpress). I need to 3d print proper attachments to install them. Plus I’m planning to buy fan controllers.

I would like to have your opinions and ideas for improvements as well!

1) I don’t need to worry about space. I’m only concerned about the heat.
2) I love welding and it was a good weekend practice with my dad. The upper frame was all recycled iron laying around and I only bought the wood and 2x 6 meters iron profile.
3) Yes the photos suck
4) I’m aware that this build is in the “ROI: NEVER” category.

[Finished rig. The next goal is to remove the zip ties and mounting GPUs properly with screwdrivers](

[The table below the main GPU frame and motherboard platform.](

[The gap between the table and the motherboard platform provides enough space to connect two PSU’s and it is a resting place for modem and other possible stuff.](

[Naked frame.. I was so tired that I couldn’t take the photograph of the whole frame..](

[The complete functioning rig.. with ugly zip ties..](

[3 RTX 3070s are on the way to completely fill the H110 Mobo](

What do you think?

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