A better way to gift Safemoon to crypto-resistant family and friends?

To grow, Safemoon needs new people. Why not mine? Or Yours?

Given the utility of wallet/bridges/exchange unique to Safemoon, would the following be possible? (With or without official involvement.)

I would love an EASY way to give some type of a Safemoon card to family for the holidays. Something like a holiday gift card which indicates real value, and makes it incredibly easy for them to see the updated value of their Safemoon crypto tokens they are holding in their hands. (Increase from the date it was purchased.) It would have to require little initial pressure, and offer simple options. They would eventually have to create a wallet of course, but initially it would present this value as theirs to watch and grow.


Imagine buying in November at pre-exchange release prices. It could proclaim “X Million safemoon” “See how much this is worth now!”, with an official gift/website they put the number into which tells them not only its current worth, and shows the increase in value since it was purchased weeks or months ago, and of course, where that investment could go from here… Instant addicts.

On the back end, it could possibly still be tied to the purchasing account until they claim it? Maybe it could exist on the ETH side where the 10% tax has already been paid before the purchased amount, so that would be transparent to the giftee when redeeming. Maybe they could redeem at any point before the end of the year so they do not feel rushed, and have other additional options to redeem later, redeem to existing wallet, or give to Safemoon Charities. The real idea is about facilitating temporary crypto value (locked from the purchaser if redeemed, or until a future date) for gift purposes until the usual hoops have been taken. This is where I have no idea how wallet creation, legalities etc could play out.

Less than a real Safemoon credit card, but nothing that would be seen as a coupon, and without *any* need for me to help them afterwards. That is what I need. Keep in mind this is money that most of us would likely not otherwise be allocating to Safemoon. Like most, there is a limitation with getting some family and friends otherwise to adopt crypto.

This would increase current Safemoon holders reasons to purchase previous to the holidays. Then you would have additional purchases as they redeem the gifts and also opt to “Buy More Now”. Most important would be previously uninitiated wallet holders and new visibility…especially if there happens to be a Christmas moon just as these new eyes are watching.

What do you think?

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