$92k current position in Workhorse.. “HOLD YOUR HORSES!”

[Hold your horses (a sign?)](

(hopefully this is approved and not deleted this time because I have proof of my open position)

With the risk of getting lots of downvotes… I saw this glass of water as a sign for me to hold and thought I would make a post. (positions posted in 2nd pic)

**WKHS still has one of the highest short interest plays out there**


If they can get some big volume/media attention it has great potential to fly.. I don’t plan on selling anytime soon.

EV is the future, and commercial EV is a huge deal. I’m not getting my hopes up on the contract with USPS but if that is the catalyst then it is nothing but good news for the company.

A big reason it has been dragging down is the volume is fading away people focusing on different meme stocks and also RIDE has been taking a hit which causes WKHS to as well.

I keep hearing everyone’s post for WKHS gets removed and these ladder attacks with such little volume is very suspicious to me…

Over 44% held by institutions

I am a believer and have put a good amount of money on the line, I see around 12 being the bottom for this stock as a personal opinion and may add another 500 shares if it does to keep going down.

Remember if you just hold and dont sell.. needs to get big volume the shorts will have to cover and then can get the party started

Great entry position if you are not invested yet

Come together retards join and “hold our horses”

[Current position screenshot](


***POSITION (uploaded picture)***

6,500 SHARES @ 14.15 avg (about $92k)

What do you think?

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  1. I grew up in Lordstown where that plant is located. My dad worked there for 38 years when it was a General Motors plant. That facility is a run down husk of its former glory. I would not invest a penny into Workhorse personally. Compared to what Ford is bringing out with the Lightning and that Ford is an established company already I would suggest buying Ford (Which I do own stock in) before ever investing in Workhorse. Look at the sales numbers for the Ford F-150 line they sell almost 100 trucks every hour what has Workhorse sold? If you want to stay on that train I wish you the best of luck but I do not see that investment panning out well in the long run. Just my two cents take it however you want and best of luck investing I hope everyone comes out on top.

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